Companies And Publications That Pay You To Write Technical Articles

A list of websites you can approach to write paid articles

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There are publications and companies that pay people to write articles for their blogs. Thus, by writing articles for others, you can make some pocket money or even a full-time income. It all depends on how much time you are willing to put into writing articles!

Therefore, in this article, you can see a handful of websites that pay you to write technical articles for them. You can see their name, the URL, and the approximate sum they pay you.

Websites that pay for technical articles

These companies/publications pay from $100 to $800 per article. It depends on the topic of the article, the complexity and the level of knowledge.

If you are just starting out with technical writing, I recommend pitching companies that pay at the lower end because you are more likely to get the gig! Publications that pay more for articles, usually have higher requirements. However, that does not mean you should do it that way! Approach any publication you want, and shoot your shot.

Thus, let's see the websites you can pitch to write for them.

  • Twilio

    • Up to $500 per article
    • You are not required to use Twilio. You need to write articles with examples, though.
  • TestDriven Io

    • Up to $500 per article
    • Web development tutorials designed to teach critical skills needed to test, launch, scale, and optimize applications.
  • Hasura

    • Up to $300 per article
    • Articles including Hasura or GraphQL.
  • Digital Ocean

    • Up to $400 per article
    • Articles about OSS, infrastructure, cloud hosting, Linux, and more. It's not limited to their products, though!
  • Auth0

    • Up to $300 per article
    • You pick topics from a list of possible articles.
  • Soshace

    • Up to $100 per article
    • You pick topics from a list of possible articles.
  • CSS-Tricks

  • WPHub

    • Up to $200 per article
    • Tutorials about Wordpress.
  • Tutorialspoint

    • Up to $500 per article
    • Various technical topics. You can pick from a list of topics.
  • Fauna

    • Up to $500 per article
    • Content focused on technical education for topics related to application development and Fauna, with working sample code, wherever applicable. They have a list of possible topics.
  • Smashing Magazine

    • Unknown (In 2016 they paid up to $250)
    • You can submit tutorials, guides and case studies.
  • Code Tuts+

    • $100 for tips, and $250 for tutorials
    • Pick from a list of possible articles.
  • Vonage

    • Up to $500 per article
    • Technical tutorials.
  • CircleCI

    • Up to $300 per article
    • You can pick from a list of possible topics.
  • Clubhouse Io

    • Up to $600 per article
    • Pick from a list of possible topics. Technical tutorials, and how-to guides.
  • TypingDNA

    • Up to $500 per article
    • Technical articles/tutorials related to TypingDNA.
  • LogRocket

    • Up to $350 per article
    • Technical articles about Front-end. Tutorials on React, Redux, Vue.js, webpack, Wasm, MobX, GraphQL, JavaScript, etc. Frontend development best practices. Product/UI/UX design
  • Draft

    • Up to $500 per article
    • Choose for a list of possible topics


In the article, you can see some of the most popular publications. However, it's not an exhaustive list and new resources will be added or removed. Subscribe to the newsletter (from the beginning of the post) to stay updated!

Therefore, writing technical articles is a great way to create an additional income. I hope this article helps you!

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This list is gold! 🔥

Subha Chanda's photo

This is a great list! Smashing Magazine pays $200 for new writers. And $250 who has already posted at least one article. Recently wrote one for them.